Alumni Status Fighting Elements Affiliation Introduction
Hatenko Meru Legend Martial Artist Neutral Known as the Tiger, Meru often take life easily and. Behind her cheeky attitude however, Meru's strength is so strong that even rivaled the Dragon's own, making her as one of the powerhouse fighter in the academy. Forged a friendship between her and Ren once to proceed Ren's legacy in the academy, Meru befriends with Rintaro. Before she departure from the academy, Meru encourage Rintaro to become the Dragon in and sees his future could be bright.
Ren Hall of Famer Weaponry Master ??? Former Dragon and Rino's elder sister, Ren is one of the powerhouse students in the academy thanks to her mastered sword skills and strong focus. Formerly rivaled with Meru, Ren also befriends with her until her sudden graduation
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